Reformer Pilates

Pilates Reformers were introduced to the studio in 2012. These machines are 8 feet long and hold a carriage that moves backwards and forwards, resistant can be increased or decreased by changing a range of springs. The work is done in various positions on the carriage, lying supine, sitting, kneeling and standing.

The emphasis is still on using your own body weight, the springs add resistance to the movement of the carriage, this can be increased or decreased depending on the clients weight and strength. The exercises are designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles in a controlled manner.

The Pilates Reformer gives you an all over body workout, giving you a well toned, lean and strengthened body.

Taster sessions take place regularly for the reformers to allow new clients to try out the reformer.

Please contact the studio for dates and times. Once this session is completed clients are then able to join a reformer class. These classes are mixed ability.

Please contact Jane for more information on times, dates and availability.

One to ones are also available for individual attention.